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March19th 2015

William D Myers

223 Paiko Drive
Honolulu HI 96821

Personal website:

·         1957    Bs in Physics from Penn State University                                                            Commissioned as Ensign in US Navy
·         1960   Business manager for General Atomic in San Diego
·         1961 – 1968  Graduate student in Physics at UC Berkeley
·         1968 PhD in Nuclear Physics
·         1968-1995 Senior Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. During this period I spent a year in Copenhagen, a year in Munich and a year in Darmstadt, Germany.
·         1995    Retired
·         2000  Moved to Hawaii

  • Instructor, tutor, mentor
  • Science, math, computer use and programming, robotics
  • Web design and coding
  • Sailing and celestial navigation

For more details (mostly about sailing) see my personal website above.
For a look at my publication history, Google ( Myers and Swiatecki ).

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