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2016-05-16 LEGO DOC

2016-05-16 LEGO DOC

The primary source of LEGO EV3 robot information is the website  where you probably want to go and look around at all the interesting stuff. The site is huge and it is easy to get lost among all the possibilities.

To help you focus, let me point out that you can buy a simple EV3 robot like the one I’m going to bring with me for about $380. Here is a link to the web page:

My recommendation (If you decide to begin a robot class.) is that you consider buying a “Curriculum Solution” package for about $2415. Here is a link to the web page:

This package is for eight students (two students per robot) and it includes four robots, lesson plans and other support material. The cost for larger groups is about $1000 plus $350 per pair of students. When thinking about the cost, remember that these robots don’t wear out, so they will be good for years and years.

The range of activities is unlimited. You can start out with something simple. Then you can get more and more complicated forever. Big universities (Like Carnegie-Mellon) have LEGO robot programs. It is even possible to program the robot with other programming languages. The robot can be used to operate equipment or run lab experiments. There is no limit.

Everyone builds their own robot. The package you get just has parts. There are thousands of plans out there. Many on the internet. Just “Google” EV3. One of the fun things is to design your own machines. Look for EV3 on YouTube.

You can have classes, from simple to advanced. Or you could have a special after school program. Like a Science Club.

There are many very useful books, and tutorials, and on line classes for teachers, etc.

If this idea catches on I would like to be of as much help as I can. Since I am retired and this is a hobby, I don’t have to be paid. If you want me to come for a longer visit you would have to help me with my travel and living expenses. Maybe we could get some sort of grant for that.

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